Of course we all know that eating large portions of food or the wrong types of food is unhealthy, although many people find it hard to stop their comfort eating even when they desperately want to change.  If they understand all about how healthy eating should be and prefer to eat well, then why do they reach for high fat and sugary foods?  Is this…. YOU?

Shed your excess weight, keep it off and be healthier by changing your mindset where it comes to food.  Now you can stop the binging or emotional eating once and for all.  When YOU make that decision to reduce your weight, hypnotherapy can help you to be liberated from your old unhealthy eating habits.  Learn how to change your negative eating patterns into a way of eating that feels normal and natural.

There are many hidden factors surrounding unhealthy weight gain.  Often they control the impulse that leads us to eat more than our body needs for optimal function. Hypnotherapy helps to take away that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling and is more effective than dieting alone.

Are you fed up with carrying that extra weight and frustrated with failed diet plans and lack of control?  If you are, make this your time NOW to enjoy having a better relationship with food while losing those unwanted kilos, becoming healthier and feeling more positive about yourself and your life.   Weight Loss hypnotherapy can help you.

Weight Management with a Difference

Weight Loss Hypnosis does not involve fad diets, expensive meal replacements or surviving on liquids for weeks on end.  Instead Hypnotherapy teaches you to change your relationship with food so you feel positive and in control.  We help you to find out the emotional reason for your over-eating and then teach you to change your eating patterns for life.  You can now say good-bye to yo-yo dieting once and for all!

The Bodyscope Health Weight Loss Program also allows us to evaluate how your lifestyle effects your way of eating.  We look at you habits, mindset and the triggers (which includes the people around you) that cause underlying emotional imbalances in the way you use food.  These may be affecting and undermining your weight loss efforts.

As a practitioner, my role is to facilitate these changes and support you every step of the way.  I can help boost your confidence and motivation, while guiding you to tap into your inner resources for change.  You will start to take control of your own responses and learn to apply new problem solving skills.  Generally, I see fantastic results over the 3 session period of the program. Each session is scheduled approximately one week apart.

Healthy Weight – what is it?

Healthy weight is being at a weight that lowers your health risks.  Generally speaking and for most people, BMI (Body Mass Index) and the person’s waist size are both good indicators of a healthy weight.  In saying that, an individual’s BMI or a certain number on their bathroom scales doesn’t necessarily indicate a healthy weight – healthy eating and exercise habits are both to be factored into the equation for a healthy lifestyle.  Dieting alone will not bring about abundant health and is not sustainable.  The weight issue is only one part of your health.  If you do carry a little extra weight, by eating healthy foods and being active can certainly help you feel better.  You will have more energy and your risk of heart disease lowered.  But what about the extra weight you don’t want and that’s keeping you from being at the top of your game?  Hypnotherapy can help.

Free Weight Loss Consultation

Before commencing with any weight loss program with me at Bodyscope Health you receive a free, no obligation 30 minute phone consultation where we discuss your situation and how I can help you.  You can then decide if you feel that I am the right therapist for you.  All communication with my clients are treated as privileged and confidential.  To schedule your free and confidential phone consultation, contact me at Bodyscope Health on 3390 3314, or email click here