“Hi Kerrie, Many thanks for your excellent counselling and assistance. I had to face a very traumatic interview situation and the preparation work we did together was critical to the successful outcomes achieved. As a result of your therapy, I was able to remain focused on the matters at hand and to comment clearly and effectively on the issues. Consequently, it appears that a satisfactory outcome is being developed that will serve my needs and the needs of all concerned – exactly the type of outcome I am seeking. Many thanks again for your generosity, patience and professionalism, I cannot recommend you highly enough.”- Catherine

“Kerrie was recommended to me by my doctor who was treating me for high blood pressure and anxiety at the time. I have found Kerrie to be a constant source of strength to me in different areas of my life. She has helped me to identify, understand and put my confusing problems into perspective and deal with the many challenges that had been overwhelming me. I remember I was very nervous when I first met her, but she is so lovely I relaxed pretty much straight away. Kerrie has been invaluable to me as on my own I feel I would not have been able to find the viable solutions I now work with. To me Kerrie is compassionate, patient and wise. She has helped me overcome the haunting problems of my past, constructively manage my present obstacles and has helped me open up to a brighter and happier future. Remarkable therapist for me.” – Janet F

“Hi Kerrie, this is Jean Symons. With much appreciation, I would like to thank you for helping me deal with my fear of flying. My story is that I came to see you for hypnotherapy a few days after I had missed the first leg of my international flights overseas, because I had a panic attack when I was boarding. I came home unexpectedly from the airport and my next door neighbour suggested I see you, as she has been to see you for her weight loss. It was a very embarrassing situation at the airport, where I was completely out of control and had to be helped away from the boarding area by the airport staff. I felt sad, disappointed and angry that I wouldn’t see my daughter and her young family who moved abroad a year ago. This was my first ever plane journey where I had planned to see my loved ones while I was on a part of my long service leave from work. I lost my fare too. That was 4 months ago now and since my one session of hypnotherapy, I have travelled there and back to Australia boarding 4 planes and completing the long journeys without having any panic attacks. I admit it was quite challenging on the first 2 plane trips over but it got easier each time. I used the exercises that we worked on. I did it and I am so proud of myself. Thank you Kerrie.” – Jean S

“Kerrie, I would like to let you know that not only have I overcome the smoking habit that I came to see you for, but I have managed to see other areas of my life radically change because of the way I am now thinking and dealing with my responses. I was not expecting this! Just a short note to let you know I’m happy and very surprised with how my life has changed from coming to see you for the smoking problem! Thank you for your professional assistance in getting me to where I am now. Love Sham.” – Shamra J

“I would like to offer this testimonial for Kerrie at Bodyscope Health. I went through the gastric band hypnosis close on a year ago just before my birthday. It was my 38th birthday present to myself, to start the process be slim again and without celebrating with massive amounts of food as I always did. Life was a struggle because I was just going around in circles and never getting anywhere with my weight loss. Frustrated and sad, I weighed 136kgs when I started the program. I was a compulsive eater where nothing could stop me eating all through the night, eating constantly when nobody was watching. It was very hard emotionally for me at first and I felt like a complete failure during the first couple of meetings with Kerrie and didn’t think I could stop my out of control eating. Now I am much lighter at around 82kgs. I have learned a great deal about myself since then and I believe I have found the real me again after so many years of feeling lost and deflated. I have recently returned for a hypnotherapy session with Kerrie for another unrelated reason and she nearly fell over when she saw how I looked in my slimmer frame although she knew my current weight haha. She told me it was not only my healthier weight that was obvious, my posture was upright and I radiated confidence where I hadn’t before. Thank you to who is reading this and is interested in my story and thank you to Kerrie for helping me turn my life around.” – Amy