A fear of speaking in public is the most common fear that people have, which is hardly surprising considering that many peoples’ first experience of talking in front of a group is usually at school which is not always a supportive and encouraging environment.

For a lot of people the thought of being asked to speak or perform in some way in public is a worrying or even frightening prospect. Typical examples include giving a speech at a wedding or a presentation at work.

I can help you to overcome this fear. There is no doubt that you have the ability to give a fantastic speech or presentation, it’s just that something is getting in the way.  By using a variety of techniques I can help you to tone down any fear and get your mind focused solely on doing what you need to do extremely well.

Part of any session on public speaking will also involve exploring any root cause which may exist and resolving it.  Our subconscious mind is our hard drive and holds everything that we have ever experienced.  Resolving any past negative experience connected with public speaking will go some way towards eradicating any worry at the prospect of talking in front of a group.

Through positive suggestion therapy and advanced hypnotherapy techniques I will change your focus from worrying about other people, to enjoying every word of your speech or every action in your performance.

The mind gets what it focuses on.  After one session the only thing you will be able to focus on is everything going perfectly.  Your mind will be programmed to expect success and to get it.  Improve your confidence and speak courageously during your presentations, meetings or social events.  Boost your confidence and develop the courage to speak your words with clarity and eloquence.