Pain is only a signal – a neurophysiologic event that must be noticed and interpreted cognitively before it turns into suffering. These signals can be useful. For example they can warn us of an underlying condition or tell us not to twist too much in a certain direction etc, but if you suffer from pain which has already been diagnosed by your GP or health professional, I can help you to manage it.  Hypnotherapy has been used most successfully as a means of controlling pain and has even been used as a replacement for anaesthetic for dental surgery and for operations.

Hypnotherapy can successfully reduce pain resulting from:

– Arthritic joint pain
– Nerve damage
– Back pain / injuries
– Post operative pain
– Surgery
– Cancer
– Migraine
– Sports injuries and much more

As well as helping you to alter your perception of pain, negative emotions connected to your condition are also explored and resolved in a pain management session. Self-hypnosis is also taught which will enable you to manage your pain better in the long run and give you greater control.

Before embarking on hypnotherapy for pain management it is important that you consult with your GP to rule out any serious underlying cause.