The extreme fear reaction a person suffers due to a fear or phobia is very real, tormenting and stressful.  Examples of fears are endless and can be fear of spiders, heights, flying, enclosed spaces or crossing bridges.  Mostly these fears cause no actual threat or danger.

These fears may cause minor inconveniences, although when they become so severe that they cause intense anxiety and interfere with the person’s normal function and day to day life, they’re called phobias.  The person usually avoids the phobic object at all costs when they can, living in anticipation of their next encounter.

Hypnotherapy can easily and effectively treat phobias and fears, which are indeed irrational fears.  Fears and phobias often seem silly to other people, but they are no laughing matter when they limit you and impinge on your quality of life. To take the first step in ridding yourself of any fear or phobia, get in touch with me at Bodyscope Health.

Why Did This Problem Start?

Most people who have a phobia have no understanding of where it originated from. It may make no sense at all when considered by the rational conscious mind, but the sensations experienced when confronted by the trigger (which come from the subconscious) can be extremely distressing.

The root cause of a phobia is normally quite abstract. For example a person might have a fear of enclosed spaces. Contrary to popular belief, this does not necessarily mean that they had a negative experience of enclosed spaces in the past. If it were that simple then how can you possibly explain a fear of flying when the person has never been in a plane before?

Fears and phobias are almost always symbolic of something else (another underlying fear). For example a fear of flying could be symbolic of a fear of loss of control or something else. The good news is that once you discover the underlying cause and resolve it phobias will disappear naturally.

Can Hypnotherapy Help?

There are two elements to a session for a phobia. Firstly I can help you to reduce the intensity of the phobia by using a number of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. After that it is important to get to the bottom of what had caused the phobia and resolve the issue at the subconscious level.    Finally be free of you disabling and restricting phobia and fears – go on, get your life back!