After studying hard for an exam, practicing hard for your driving test or training hard for a sporting event you deserve to do well, but all too often nerves can get the better of us and we can fail to do ourselves justice when our big moment arrives.  A negative state of mind can make you go blank in an exam or make silly mistakes which you wouldn’t normally make in a more relaxed, focused state.

A session for exams, driving test or any other type of performance has 2 elements:

  1. I can teach you techniques which will enable you to be in control of your nerves and to feel calm. It is a common misconception that our emotions / feelings control us. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  2. Some people who have had a number of bad experiences with exams or driving tests etc have actually developed a fear of it. Sometimes it is necessary to tone down the level of such a fear by using mind management techniques. In some cases a root cause for the fear can be found and resolved.

Typical changes you will notice include:

– Breathing smoothly
– Relaxed facial muscles, shoulders and stomach
– Thinking easily
– Seeing things clearly
– Speaking calmly and confidently

I can help you to get into the right frame of mind and give you the skills, so that you are in control and you can perform to your true potential.