Do you have feelings of overwhelm or hopelessness?   You may find that you aren’t able to manage your depression alone.  The symptoms of depression are not to be taken lightly – they have serious effects on your physical and mental health.  This problem not only takes the joy and quality out of your life, it can impact on your ability to carry out the most basic of daily tasks.  The relationship with yourself and others, career, study and sleep are some of the things that can also suffer.

With the aid of psychotherapy alone, chronic anxiety and depression are hard to overcome, where it takes quite a long time for any measurable and improved results to be revealed.  On the other hand, Hypnotherapy is rapid and can naturally deliver the peace and focus your mind requires for the healing process, without prescription medications or the need for other drugs which can become addictive.  Due to the complex interactions between behaviour, thoughts and feelings that maintain depression, Hypnotherapy is an effective way to break the depression cycle and reunite you with that missing part of yourself that you have lost touch with.  You can then move forward in your life, fully being able to once again experience the joyful future that you are looking for.


Although depression can be caused by both environmental and hormonal changes, it is more common that it is caused by the bottling up of emotions over a long period of time. Often I find that my clients don’t really know why they feel down and some people even have guilty feelings for feeling the way they do.  Some people go to great lengths to hide their feelings from those close to them and this can add to the burden and zap their energy even further.

Depression affects people in different ways, but common symptoms include prolonged feelings of sadness, loneliness, having difficulty sleeping, lacking in energy, loss or increase of appetite, unexplained physical pain, loss of confidence, crying often, inactivity or physical and mental slowness or hiding away with no social life and receiving no pleasure from things that were once enjoyed.

In dealing with depression the first thing I will do is work on helping you change your focus and how you feel.  Then we will work on teaching you how to locate those positive feelings which you once had, as they are still accessible somewhere in your subconscious mind.

The answer to the cause of your depression lies in your subconscious and uncovering this will enable you to get on with living your life again. I provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment, which enables you to deal with any bottled up negative emotions through the use of Hypnosis, NLP, CBT and Emotional Release Techniques.

The therapy I provide is goal focused and measureable, so that you are conscious of the progress you are making.